Obama Made Fun Of Pete Buttigieg For Being Gay, Book Says

(PatriotHeadline.com)- Former President Barack Obama is a God-like figure in the Democratic Party, particularly among far-left radicals and woke types, but a new book reveals how the former president once mocked Mayor Pete Buttigieg for being gay.

The book, “Lucky: How Joe Biden Barely Won the Presidency,” by Amie Parnes and Jonathan Allen, revealed that Obama believed Pete Buttigieg wasn’t a good presidential candidate because he is too “short” and too “gay.”

The new book also reveals how President Obama batted for far-left Senator Elizabeth Warren during the 2020 Democratic primaries, despite his former vice president, Joe Biden, also being in the race.

Obama reportedly told a meeting of Black donors from corporate America in New York City that “many candidates like the idea of being president” but that “few really have a ‘why.’”

During the same meeting, Obama worked to settle concerns that corporate Democrats had about Warren, who had proposed a slew of new taxes. Obama personally vouched for Warren, reminding attendees that she created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau during his time in the White House, and he even urged the donors to back Warren if she became the nominee.

Did Obama ever go to this length to help Joe Biden, at least before the final stretch in the presidential race?

“So what if she raises your taxes a little bit?” he said during the meeting. “Compare that to what we have now…everyone in this room needs to pull their weight.”

While advocating for Warren, according to a donor who was in the room, Obama listed off a number of reasons why Pete Buttigieg wasn’t the right candidate for the party.

An excerpt from the book reads:

“He’s thirty-eight,” Obama said, pausing for dramatic effect, “but he looks thirty.” The audience laughed. Obama was on a roll, using the tone of light ridicule he some-times pointed at himself— “ big ears” and “a funny name,” he’d said so many times before. Now, it was directed at Buttigieg. “He’s the mayor of a small town,” the former president continued. “He’s gay,” Obama said, “and he’s short.” More laughter.

And despite the blatantly homophobic attack from Obama, Buttigieg sat in Obama’s office just months later asking for advice on how to deal with “homophobia on the campaign trail.”

To sum up…President Barack Obama batted for Elizabeth Warren, who lied about being a Native American and made fun of Pete Buttigieg for being gay.

But Trump is the bad guy?