Obama Calls BLM Riots A “Great Awakening”

(PatriotHeadline.com)- While regular people live in fear over what Black Lives Matter is going to destroy next, the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, is praising those same rioters. The 44th president recently spoke at a Joe Biden fundraising event, in which he discussed the ongoing riots and referred to them as a “Great Awakening.”

Obama’s comments come at a time when the United States is more divided than ever, with major American cities in the process of being burned down by far-left activists.

Legal reporter for The Hill, John Kruzel, published a partial transcript of Obama’s words on Twitter, stating that the former president came out “swinging against the Trump admin, GOP, right-wing pundits and AG Barr’s Justice Department.”

“And the good news, what makes me optimistic is, the fact that there is a Great Awakening going on around the country particularly among younger people who are saying not only are they fed up with the shambolic disorganized mean spirited approach to governance that we’ve seen over the last couple of years, but more than that are eager to take on some of the core challenges that have been facing this country for centuries,” Obama said.

The term “Great Awakening” by this way is a term taken straight from the revival of religion curing colonial American times. It’s probably not the best choice of words for the so-called “post-racial president” that welcomed in more racial division than ever, but who claims to be against anti-black racism. The Great Awakening was a movement that came at a time when “secular rationalism” was the focus in American society, but Christian leaders pushed people back towards religion and established America as the Christian nation it has long been.

Maybe someone should tell Obama what that phrase means.

Meanwhile, Democrats are still hesitating to break up the so-called “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” in Seattle, and dangerous extremists are trying to establish another “autonomous” zone in Washington, D.C.