NRA Sues New York Governor Over Gun Store Closures

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been aggressive in trying to slow the spread of coronavirus in his state, which has been the hardest hit by far out of any in the nation.
But the National Rifle Association believes he has gone too far.
Last week, the NRA filed a federal lawsuit against Cuomo, hoping it will force the governor to re-open gun stores that he has closed. Back on March 22, Cuomo closed all “nonessential” businesses to close “in-office personnel functions.” In the process, he did not label gun stores as essential.
The problem with this in New York is that the law says in-person background checks must be conducted in order for a person to purchase a firearm, so it has effectively shut down all gun sales in New York. The NRA says this is an “assault” on “Second Amendment freedoms.”
In a statement, the executive vice president of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, said:
“This is clearly another assault by Gov. Cuomo on the NRA, on the rights of New Yorkers to defend themselves and their families, and on our Second Amendment freedoms. The NRA will continue to fight all such attacks until Gov. Cuomo recognizes that constitutional rights are for every New Yorker and every American — and not just for politicians and their privileged friends.”
While Cuomo’s office didn’t comment directly on the lawsuit, Letitia James, the attorney general for New York, said they would fight the NRA in court. In a statement, she said:
“Everyone — including the NRA — must follow the law and all executive orders of New York. We will aggressively defend the state against yet another legal assault by the NRA.”
Demand for gun and ammunition sales has exploded across the country as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread. Many states shut down all nonessential businesses just like New York did to slow the spread in their state. That included gun stores in many states.
However, the Department of Homeland Security released new coronavirus guidance last week that labeled gun stores as “essential,” which convinced some states such as New Jersey to overturn their initial ban on gun store operations. New York, however, has held their ground.
The DHS recommendations are non-binding on states, but they did convince both New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Los Angeles County sheriff Alex Villanueva, both Democrats, to reverse course. Along with Cuomo in New York, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, a Republican, has refused to label gun stores as essential businesses.
The NRA has said filing this lawsuit was necessary because Cuomo’s order that shut down gun stores was a violation of the rights of New Yorkers. The counselor for the NRA, William A. Brewer III, even accused Cuomo of advancing his political policy by using the threat of coronavirus. In a statement, Brewer said:
“The right to keep and bear arms is enshrined in the Constitution, in part, to give Americans the ability to defend themselves and their families. The current public health emergency does not justify the complete elimination of this right, especially during a time when many New Yorkers have valid concerns about their physical safety and welfare. Our client believes that Gov. Cuomo is again weaponizing the power of his office — to prevent gun owners from exercising the rights to which they are entitled.”