New Dead Sea Scrolls Found

( Archaeologists from Israel have made quite the find — fragments of biblical text thought to be part of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
On Tuesday, the Israel Antiquities Authority said along with the text, the archaeologists found a partly mummified skeleton of a child that’s 6,000 years old, as well as the oldest intact, finely woven basket that is likely 10,500 years old.
A survey of more than 65 miles of caves and cliffs near the Dead Sea has been overlooked by the Authority for years. This find is perhaps one of the most important.
The fragment of the parchment has biblical verse written on them in Greek. The paper is believed to be roughly 2,000 years old. It also matches a scroll that was discovered roughly 60 years ago.
That scroll was called the “Book of the 12 Minor Prophets” and is part of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which were discovered in 1947. They were found in caves in Qumran, which is located east of Jerusalem.
The entire collection was discovered on other points along the Dead Sea’s western shore. The texts shine light on life in Jewish religion and society both before and after Jesus was on earth.
When the Scrolls were originally found, many explorations were undertaken looking for more pieces. But, new pieces of the parchment and scrolls appeared on a black market recently.
This piqued the interest of the Authority, which thought that maybe some robbers found new pieces of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
For the last four years, crews that were led by the Authority have been working on the limestone and marl cliffs around the Dead Sea. They’ve been using drones to help them map hundreds of hollows and caves in the area.
Many of those areas were filled with debris and sand. More than 12 of those were excavated completely, as the Authority suspected they might be the location of some more pieces of the Scrolls.
These new fragments of the manuscript were found in what’s known as the “Cave of Horror.” It’s called that because a search of the cave once revealed skeletons of Jewish rebels who once fought against the mighty Roman Empire. Those skeletons were more than 1,900 years old.
As Oren Ableman, who is party of the Dead Sea Scrolls Unit for the Antiquities Authority, said:
“These are new pieces of the puzzle, and we can add them to our greater picture of the period and of the text. Even though these pieces are small, they did give us some new information that we did not now before.”
When members of the Authority put the puzzle pieces back together of the fragments they found, they were able to reconstruct a new 11 lines of text for the Dead Sea Scrolls. The text comes from the books of Nahum and Zechariah, and would have been dated around the first century AD, based on the style of writing.
In addition, they were able to gain further insight into the parchment itself onto which the text is written.