MSNBC Host: Bernie Sanders Would Win ONE State In Presidential Election

( – When even the left-wing press is predicting your candidacy would be a total disaster, you should probably listen.

Bernie Sanders, the veteran socialist and senator for Vermont, is a polarizing figure nationally. Despite this, he is gaining support in the Democratic Party and remains the frontrunner in the race to become their presidential candidate. But that doesn’t mean all Democrats think he will be a good candidate.

Chris Matthews, host of Hardball on MSNBC, predicted on Tuesday that Bernie Sanders would be a disaster for the Democrats and could win just one state in the November presidential election.

Referencing Sanders’ extreme socialist views, Matthews explained how he believed a majority of Americans would turn their back on him and put their faith in President Trump. The Democrats winning just one state in an election would be comparable to the election of 1972, in which Republican Richard Nixon won 49 states and Democrat George McGovern just one.

“I think this country will never go that direction and by the way we’ll lose 49 states and I was there in 1972 at the Democratic Convention when the people on the left were dancing in glee…I saw them, literally, they were dancing in a circle.”

Warning Democrats, he also said, “So that could happen again. So clearly. That is what I see. It could happen again.”

And he’s right! Polls recently showed that a majority of Americans do not accept socialism, despite Sanders and congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez trying to change the public’s mind.

NPR reported:

“Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is rising in the polls among Democrats, but questions about his electability against President Trump persist because he self-identifies as a democratic socialist.

A new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll backs up the idea that the label could hurt him.

Asked about their impression of socialism, 28% of adults said they have a favorable view, while 58% said they had an unfavorable one.”

Chris Matthews is probably on to something. He said, in the same segment, that hard-left Democrats “are just pandering to the Bernie people. And you know what pandering gets you? Nothing. It certainly doesn’t get respect. And they have to say I believe in socialism.”

Instead, the MSNBC host suggested that it was time for Sanders to take responsibility for the actions of many of his supporters who have been reportedly harassing and bullying supporters of other candidates online. He asked if the Democratic Party was going after the bad behavior of his supporters, saying, “This is the preview of coming attractions.”

“He said he can’t control them but I think he’ll be called to account by the other candidates because they have a hesitancy or a fear of going after his ideology,” he continued.

Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Sanders is a socialist, and many of his supporters are arguably even more extreme than he is. They might celebrate his nomination, but so too will Trump supporters who know it will bring an even bigger victory in the November elections than in 2016.