More People Care About The Economy Than The Pandemic, Exit Polls Show

( There has been a lot of talk about the coronavirus and how it would affect this year’s election.

But according to exit polls conducted by CNN, the economy was named as the most critical issue by voters when they were making their choice for president. The economy ranked higher than many other issues, including both the coronavirus and racial equality.

Roughly one-third of all voters said the economy was the most pressing issue in their minds. That’s compared to roughly 20% of voters who said racial equality was their top issue. Only one in six voters said the coronavirus pandemic was their top concern when voting for a president. Finally, only 10% of voters said crime, violence and/or health care policy was the top issue in their minds.

More than half of all voters polled in the CNN exit polls said the coronavirus pandemic has caused them some form of financial hardship. That being said, more people said they are better off financially today (40% of voters) than voters who said they are worse off than they were four years ago (20% of voters).

Despite the economy being the top-ranked reason given by voters as they made their choice for president, a slim majority of those polled said they believed containing the coronavirus should be the priority of the country over rebuilding its economy.

A majority of voters said they felt America’s efforts to contain the coronavirus aren’t going too well. As is the norm nowadays, though, how voters responded to this question depended on what party they support.

More than four of five people who voted for Democrat Joe Biden said they felt the coronavirus containment is going poorly in America. Meanwhile, only one of 10 voters who supported President Donald Trump said they felt the same way.

Overall, almost seven of 10 voters said they viewed the wearing of a face mask as a public health responsibility more than they view it as one’s personal choice. There is a divide when breaking this down by who voters supported, though. Again, more than four out of five Biden supporters said they felt this way, but only roughly half of Trump supporters said they felt this way.

In terms of candidate support, both Biden and Trump voters said they were supporting their candidate with their vote, rather than voting against the other candidate.

Trump gets more confidence in this area, though. More than four out of five people who voted for the president said they were supporting him (rather than voting against Biden). Meanwhile, just less than two-thirds of all Biden supporters said they were voting for him rather than voting against Trump.

So, it seems the “anyone but Biden” sentiment was much stronger than the “anyone but Trump” sentiment among voters, which is against what many political pundits were predicting.

In 2020, though, a lot didn’t go the way the “pundits” thought it would. No matter who ends up winning the presidential election, this election cycle didn’t bring the big “Blue Wave” that so many people were predicting.