Minneapolis Council President Wants “HOLISTIC” Replacement for Police Force

(PatriotHeadline.com)- As the “Defund the Police” campaign gains steam among far-left ideologues and politicians, the Minneapolis City Council has been cooking up alternatives to the tried-and-tested law enforcement methods of the police force. During an interview on CNN’s Situation Room on Monday, Minneapolis Council President Lisa Bender made the incredible suggestion that a “holistic” replacement of the police is on the cards.

“Over the last two weeks we’ve seen thousands of people in Minneapolis take to the streets and raise their voices for change, telling us that incremental reform has not worked to keep us safe,” she said. “And we’ve seen institutions for the Universities of Minnesota and our parks and schools and major businesses and art institutions ending the relationship with our police department.”

“So it is clear that we need to make major shifts both in the short term, and that our community is ready to reimagine public safety from the ground up, to think holistically, and to make sure every single member of our community is safe,” she added.

It’s probably worth noting that Bender didn’t provide any further information about what thinking holistically entails, or what a holistic replacement of the police would mean. She also didn’t answer the question when the host asked what she would say to people who will be concerned about having nobody to call in the event that their home was burglarized.

Bender shrugged off the idea that people would be unsafe, suggesting that black people already face the reality of police officers not helping them in the middle of the night when a burglary takes place.

On her personal Twitter account, Bender even published slurs against white people.

“We’ve had hours of public hearings, we’ve had so many community meetings,” she said.

“We need deep conversations across Minneapolis about race. We need to let the communities of color who have been impacted by community violence and by police violence lead. We need white people to listen.”

If she wants a conversation about race, does she perhaps want to talk about FBI statistics that prove white people are more likely to be shot and killed by a police officer, even taking population percentages into account?