Minneapolis Business Owner Threatens To Sue City Over Lack Of Police Enforcement

(PatriotHeadline.com)- Crime has been rampant in Minneapolis ever since the death of George Floyd while in police custody in the spring.

Many local residents are blaming the city’s inaction for this increased violence. One city business owner has had enough, and he is threatening a lawsuit against both the mayor and city council for creating a “lawless” zone near his business.

The lawyer who’s representing the Cup Foods grocery store, Mark Thompson, sent a letter to officials in Minneapolis last week demanding they remove barricades that currently block off the area where Floyd was killed back in May. Many people are now calling this area an “autonomous zone.”

An employee from Cup Foods called police on Floyd for allegedly using a counterfeit $20 bill at the store. When police arrived, the now infamous incident occurred, which resulted in Floyd’s death.

The letter reads that the area in question has become “too dangerous to conduct business,” especially at night. This is because of not only the barricades that have been set up, but also city officials’ failure to police the area adequately. The letter reads:

“After dark, the area is basically a lawless zone that is too dangerous to conduct business. In fact, due to the City’s barricades and refusal to provide law enforcement in the area, the City has created and is maintaining this lawless zone. This is unacceptable.”

Crime has definitely increased in this area because of the lack of city action, said a spokesman for Cup Foods, Jamar Nelson. He told local ABC affiliate KSTP-TV:

“Absolutely crime has increased. And I think that other businesses have also talked about how they’re losing tens of thousands of dollars a month because people can’t come in. Businesses suffer because of what’s going on, and that’s a darn shame.”

He also said it would be “dangerous” for city officials to continue refraining from taking action that could reduce the area’s spike in crime. He continued:

“We cannot sit idly by and watch crime increase, with our eyes wide shut. That is just dangerous.”

The most recent crime data released by the Minneapolis police department shows that violent crimes in the city have increased more than 20% so far this year. The Star Tribune newspaper in Minneapolis has said this violence has erupted in “more prosperous neighborhoods that typically experience few such incidents while continuing to exact the heaviest toll in the city’s poor, ethnically diverse areas.”

The paper’s story specifically addressed how the violence is affecting the city’s poorest neighborhoods. It read:

“In terms of raw numbers, the increase in violence that intensified after the unrest over the police killing of George Floyd is exacting a heavier toll on neighborhoods already suffering the effects of trauma, poverty and lack of access to adequate health care. In a city with some of the worst racial disparities in the U.S., those areas tended to have higher concentrations of Black, Latino and other nonwhite residents.”