Mike Pence Campaigns At Huge Georgia Rally In Run-Up To Run-Offs

(PatriotHeadline.com)- Vice President Mike Pence appeared at a huge rally in Georgia on Friday, stumping for the Republican candidates battling to keep Republican control of the senate. Both Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue will go head to head with Democrat opponents in January, which will ensure the Republicans maintain control of the Senate.

At the “Defend the Majority” rally in Canton, Georgia, Pence praised Perdue’s work and described how he worked his way through college before establishing a successful business career, all the while “following his deep conservative convictions.”

“I can tell you first hand that he’s been one of the greatest and staunchest allies of our MAGA agenda in the United States Senate,” he explained.

The results of this election are particularly important for the Republicans as the possibility of Joe Biden becoming the next president of the United States looms. Unless the president’s legal team can successfully show that the election was compromised, that possibility is very much on the cards and the Republican Senate will act as a firewall to ensure Joe Biden doesn’t cause too much damage.

During the speech, Pence also praised Senator Loeffler for successfully building her own business from the ground up. He explained how she had broken barriers “in business and sports…to become one of Georgia’s most successful businesswomen.”

Georgia’s election results remain unknown after a recount of the state’s votes turned out not to be an audit but a recount of potentially compromised votes. President Donald Trump’s campaign team have successfully filed for another recount of the state’s ballots, but it remains unknown whether the signatures of the voters will be matched during the recount.

“For all we’ve done together, for all we have yet to do, we need the great state of Georgia to defend the majority, and the road to a Senate Republican majority goes straight through the state of Georgia,” Pence said in Canton.

“The Republican Senate majority could be the last line of defense for all that we’ve done to defend this nation, revive our economy, and preserve the God-given liberties that we hold dear,” he added.