Michigan Sheriffs REFUSE to Enforce Dem Governor’s Excessive Lockdown Order

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan is having a hard time enforcing her lockdown order. The governor has taken one of the strictest lines in the entire country, not just telling people to stay at home as much as possible but banning supermarkets from selling items that she deems nonessential.

Whitmer also infuriated millions of Americans by deeming Church services nonessential, while allowing marijuana stores to remain open. You couldn’t make this up.

Four sheriffs from northern Michigan released a statement this week in which they explained their reasoning for refusing to enforce the new rules, stating that Whitmer was “overstepping” her authority.

Sheriffs Kim Cole, Ken Falk, Mike Borkovich and Ted Schendel all announced on Wednesday that they take their oath to uphold the U.S. seriously, and would therefore not enforce rules that infringe on American’s rights. In the letter, they described how they are the “last line of defense in protecting your civil liberties.”

“We write today to inform the public for our respective counties of our opposition to some of Governor Whitmer’s executive orders,” they wrote.

“While we understand her desire to protect the public, we question some restrictions that she has imposed as overstepping her executive authority. She has created a vague framework of emergency laws that only confuse Michigan citizens.”

The sheriffs that that rather than strictly enforcing the rules, they will “deal with every case as an individual situation and apply common sense.”

Huge protests recently erupted in the state, which brought the streets surrounding the Michigan State Capitol to a standstill. Cars filled the roads, people honked their horns, and many walked around the area wearing masks and flags, waving placards that called Whitmer a “tyrant.”

As well as shutting down churches but allowing marijuana users to keep purchasing their supply, Whitmer banned the sale of seeds and gardening tools, as well as DIY equipment and paint. While Michigan residents are locked up at home for weeks and potentially months, Whitmer has made it virtually impossible for people to work on their garden or redecorate their homes.

Michigan residents will be pleased to know that some sensible sheriffs are willing to protect their civil liberties!