Michigan Lawmakers Vote to REIGN IN Gov. Whitmer Over Lockdown Overreach

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- Michigan’s Republican-controlled legislature is reigning in the power of Governor Gretchen Whitmer, the Democrat who used emergency powers to implement some of the strictest lockdown measures in the country.

On Thursday, Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield announced that he and his GOP colleagues would convene to review actions taken by Whitmer, and on Friday, lawmakers took decisive action.

During a special session, the state Senate passed a bill that repeals the 1945 Emergency Powers of Governor Act. This is the legislation used by Governor Whitmer to shut down churches and businesses across the state while allowing abortion clinics and marijuana stores to stay open. Voting to repeal the legislature means Whitmer has significantly less power and could mean businesses start to open sooner…if she doesn’t stand in the way.

In a press release, Chatfield criticized the lack of transparency from the governor.

“The state’s response must be transparent, and we all have to work together to hold state government to higher standards for its actions and choices,” he said. “The House is taking action today to deliver that transparency and help guide the way for better results.”

The move comes as continued protests but mounting pressure on Whitmer to change the state’s coronavirus response. Whitmer has doubled down repeatedly on her decision not just to shut down many stores, but to stop supermarkets and grocery stores from selling “non-essential” items like gardening tools.

However, Whitmer could still exert power to shut down the bill – and has suggested she would do so. Whitmer said that any bills which “limit the executive power” would be vetoed.

Spoken like a true authoritarian!

“Of course, I will veto bills that they send over to limit the executive power,” she said. “I’ve been very clear about that from day one. Those blatant power grabs are bad in good times and dangerous in times of crisis.”

The same day of the vote, Whitmer extended her excessive lockdown measures through to May 15. She did, however, see sense and allow people to use boats and maintain their lawns. Until now, she did not allow people to enjoy their own boats (despite not being in contact with other people) and didn’t even let people maintain their own gardens.

At least that’s one small win for the people of Michigan, but when will they be allowed to go back to work?