Michael Flynn’s Predecessor Susan Rice Wants to Be Creepy Joe Biden’s Running Mate

(PatriotHeadline.com)- Ever since presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced he was planning to appoint a non-white woman as his vice-presidential candidate, every high profile figure in the Democratic Party who fits that description has come forward to make their case for why they’re the best option.

Stacey Abrams has been one of the most vocal, though hilariously walked back her enthusiasm during an interview with CNN when she said she wasn’t pitching herself.

The latest contender that media pundits have been suggesting as a possible VP candidate for Joe Biden is Susan Rise, the National Security Adviser under former President Barack Obama. On Thursday, Rice said she was “humbled and honored,” that she is being considered as a possible running mate.

“I would certainly say yes,” she said to Margaret Hoover during a PBS interview.

Rice would be a great fit, too. Joe Biden has something to prove against President Donald Trump. The fact that the Chinese coronavirus has destroyed all the hard work done by Trump’s administration makes it easy for Biden to criticize him, and Susan Rice is a veteran Trump critic. In media interviews since Trump’s election, Rice has expressed her disagreement with his policy and appointees.

She has also worked with Joe Biden, which makes her recognizable to those who follow politics closely and means she and Biden likely work well together. That close relationship is necessary when you’re working to unseat a hugely popular president.

“I know Joe Biden well, I’ve worked with him very closely,” she said. “I know he’ll be a great president of the United States.”

We’ll see, Susan…