Mexico Just Keeps On Breaking DAILY COVID-19 Death Records

( Mexico is really struggling to keep a cap on the Chinese coronavirus outbreak. The country has started to relax its own lockdown measures put in place in recent months, but now ranks seventh globally for most COVID-related deaths. It also ranks fourteenth for total number of cases.

Hugo Lopez Gatell, the country’s Undersecretary for Health, told the media during a daily press briefing that Mexico has 101,238 confirmed cases as of June 4. He also confirmed that 44,869 were going through testing and a total of 11,729 people have died because of the virus.

Official figures from the Mexican government shows that Mexico recently recorded 1,092 COVID fatalities in one day – the biggest number of deaths in any country in one day. At least, we’re presuming it is because we still don’t really know just how many people died in China. Mexico also recorded 3,912 new cases in one day, another global record.

Mexico continues to break records even though its government has also admitted to undercounting the actual numbers. It could be that even more people are dying from coronavirus, and that there are many more cases of the coronavirus in rural communities and regions where sufficient testing is not in place.

Lopez Gatell told the press that the data being published comes from government hospitals and doesn’t include numbers from private health facilities. The problem with reporting the real number of deaths and COVID cases has resulted in several other state health officials in Mexico to release their own numbers which show between 20 and 40% more cases and deaths.

During a press conference, Lopez Gatell also warned that reopening too many businesses too quickly could result in an even larger number of cases.