Limbaugh “Feeling Good” After Cancer Treatment “Nearly Killed” Him

( Legendary conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh has offered a public update on his cancer treatment. After being diagnosed with advanced lung cancer earlier this year, President Trump honored him with the Medal of Freedom and many assume that his condition would be nearly impossible to treat.

His latest update, however, suggests that he is doing reasonably well. He said that he is confident he’ll get “into extra innings” in his treatment, making a baseball reference, and that treatment continues. During a radio show segment, Limbaugh said his “first two at-bats were horrible” and that the first round of treatment “nearly killed” him.

Limbaugh said that one round of treatment included clinical trial drugs, “which worked but nearly killed me in the process.”

“And so we had to get off of those. But on my third at-bat, the third attempt, I managed to get on base,” he said. “I hit a solid single and then stole second. I am currently on second base hoping to slide into third and eventually make it all the way home. We’re in the bottom of the ninth. If I get all the way home we get extra innings. And that’s where we’re shooting for.”

Limbaugh said that, right now, he’s feeling “extremely good” but that he’s also conscious about the uncertainty of the treatment and he will remain cautious.

“Who knows what tomorrow’s gonna bring,” he said. “Good days and bad days. But I told you I would share information with you, and I told you I would keep you abreast of it. And so that’s pretty much it.”

Limbaugh said that the bottom line is that he is able to be there, talking on the radio and that his energy level is “great.”

“I’m doing extremely well. And I don’t think anybody would mind if I told you honestly that I am doing better at this stage than I thought I was gonna be doing.”

It’s great news, but as Limbaugh says, anything could happen and he doesn’t know what the future holds. For the time being, though, one of America’s favorite radio hosts is still doing his show and still having a role to play in the upcoming election.