LA Mayor FINALLY Calls In National Guard To Stop Violent Far-Left Rioters

( Eric Garcetti, the Democratic Mayor of Los Angeles, finally gave in and called on the National Guard to help stop the ongoing violent protests in his city. The initial protests, which were portrayed as a response to the tragic death of George Floyd, quickly descended into violence and chaos as far-left agitators and Black Lives Matter activists began destroying properties and looting stores.

“This is no longer protest,” Garcetti was forced to admit. “This is vandalism, and everyone’s in danger.” His change of heart was reported by the Los Angeles Daily News, and his decision is likely going to cause him to lose favor with his far-left supporters.

Garcetti requested support from the National Guard just hours after he implemented an overnight curfew over the weekend, in a futile attempt to get people to follow the rules and stop destroying the city. It didn’t work.

“If you love the city, go home,” he told rioters. When his plea didn’t work, Mayor Garcetti also called Governor Gavin Newsom, who represents the state of California, to get help.

The protests initially started in Minnesota and occurred as an immediate response to the death of an African American man named George Floyd. He was arrested by police officers for allegedly using a fake $20 note in a store, but when former police officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes he died. Protesters, and the country, were shocked that a police officer could so easily ignore a man pleading for his life, telling him he couldn’t breathe.

Video footage showed Chauvin pressing his leg into his neck, and as a result, the state of Minnesota confirmed the arrest of Chauvin. He has since been charged with manslaughter and third-degree murder.

Earlier on the same day that Mayor Garcetti announced the National Guard would be deployed to help stop the violence, protesters were seen chanting “EAT THE RICH!” as they protested through the streets of Beverley Hills. In what was evidently not a protest for justice for George Floyd, the rioters began looting luxury shops and stealing the goods inside.

Is this what George Floyd would want?