Koch Brothers Network Begs Trump To INCREASE Immigration

(PatriotHeadline.com)- The Koch brothers have long supported Republican candidates and causes, but they have also long supported mass migration into the United States. Even during a global pandemic that has put 30 million Americans out of work, the Koch brothers network of billionaire donors and organizations are sticking to their guns and begging the president to increase immigration into the United States.

Writing to Jared Kushner and Larry Kudlow, two of the most senior White House advisers, the Koch-funded LIBRE Imitative and Americans for Prosperity requested that Trump doesn’t go through with a rumored plan of ending H-1B, J-1, L-1, and H-2B visa programs. Trump is expected to continue cancelling work-based visa applications for a temporary period while American workers get back on their feet.

But the AFP and LIBRE Initiative think it makes more sense to allow cheap foreign workers into the United States during a time of great economic uncertainty and mass unemployment.

In the letter, the two Koch-funded groups argue that the Trump administration should “refrain from suspending, restricting, or imposing additional barriers on non-immigrant visa programs,” in order to “ensure a speedy economic recovery.”

“Instead, we ask you to please consider the critical role that non-immigrant visa programs have played, and will continue to play, in helping to bolster and maintain a vibrant, expanding economy that will benefit all Americans during and after this unprecedented public health crisis.”

The letter argues that America should not be further isolated, and that legal channels for those “seeking to contribute” should not be restricted.

“We do not need to suspend, further restrict, or impose additional barriers to our legal immigration system – we need to build a better one,” the letter also reads.

Interesting, the Kochs have said that they will not support President Donald Trump in the November election. Instead, Koch-funded groups are likely to turn to the Democrats. When the Koch brothers can switch party allegiance so easily over one matter of immigration, it makes you wonder what their priorities have been all along.

Maybe Bernie Sanders was right when he said that open borders was a Koch brothers idea…