Julian Assange Allies Don’t Think He’ll Be Pardoned

(PatriotHeadline)- In the final days of President Donald Trump’s first term, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is reportedly scrambling to get the attention of the president in the hopes of a presidential pardon. Reports suggest that Assange’s partner, Stella Moris, is contacting media outlets in the hope that they can connect the couple with the White House to convince the president to pardon him.

A message from WikiLeaks to the Washington Free Beacon on Thursday read, “Julian Assange’s partner asked us to contact you. She was hoping that you may have ideas or contacts that could help convince Trump to pardon Assange.”

WikiLeaks is publicly appealing to media outlets all over the country at the request of Moris, and is publicly requesting ideas for help on the best way to push the president to take the historic decision to pardon him.

The decision, however, is a difficult one. Support for Julian Assange can be found across the political aisle, but a large number of Republicans – high-profile or otherwise – are firmly opposed to his pardoning. Assange’s WikiLeaks organization has been responsible for the leaking of a wide range of sensitive and classified data that many have argued puts the United States at risk.

He was indicted in 2010 on 17 charges of espionage after publishing military documents. While the British courts ruled earlier this month that he cannot be extradited to the United States, he still faces criminal suits from the United States and his journey is far from over.

On Friday, Moris said she was working on a bigger campaign to get Assange pardoned.

“I asked WikiLeaks to reach out to some of its most influential followers for me, people from across the political spectrum,” she said.

Assange has some support from Republicans, particularly those who are concerned about the Deep State but has long been supported by left-wing advocacy groups. Amnesty International recently declared their support for Assange, and a video produced by the organization was included in Moris’s appeals to various media outlets across the country.

During Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign he praised WikiLeaks for releasing internal documents from the Democratic National Committee that exposed corruption from the Clinton campaign but has remained pretty silent on Assange throughout his presidency.

However, as time runs out, it looks like the Assange camp is growing increasingly desperate and concerned that the president won’t take action and pardon him.

What do you think…should President Trump go out with a bang?