Judge Rules Eric Trump Must Be Deposed Before Presidential Election

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(PatriotHeadline.com)- President Donald Trump’s son Eric must comply with a subpoena from the New York attorney general before the upcoming presidential election.

Judge Arthur Engoron, of the New York Supreme Court, handed down his ruling Wednesday, saying Eric must comply with the subpoena by October 7. Trump had been trying to delay his compliance until after election day on November 3.

In his ruling, Engoron said there wasn’t anything to support the delay. He said:

“This court finds that application unpersuasive. Mr. Trump cites no authority in support of his request, and in any event, neither petitioner nor this court is bound by timelines of the national election.”

The subpoena of the president’s son is part of the New York attorney general’s probe into the Trump Organization. Eric serves as the executive vice president of that organization.

The attorney general is investigating whether the organization has been inflating its assets illegally in an effort to attract investors and obtain tax breaks. Last month, the attorney general petitioned the courts to compel Eric Trump to be deposed. They were also seeking documents to be handed over that had been subpoenaed.

Trump responded to the court inquiry by saying he was more than willing to sit for the deposition. The one condition was that it happen after Election Day. Trump said he was going to be too busy in the meantime, traveling with his father as part of the campaign trail.

Despite losing in court this week, Trump said he would sit for the deposition as required. He did, however, call the investigation by the attorney general politically motivated toward the president.

In a statement, Eric Trump said:

“The New York Attorney General has called my father an ‘illegitimate’ president and pledged to take him down while she was running for office. Her actions since demonstrate a continued political vendetta and attempt to interfere with the upcoming election. That said, since I previously agreed to appear for an interview, I will do so as scheduled.”

Not surprisingly, the attorney general, Democrat Letitia James, was very happy with the ruling. In a statement, she said:

“We will immediately move to ensure that Donald Trump and the Trump Organization comply with the court’s order and submit financial records related to our investigation. To be clear, no entity or individual is allowed to dictate how or when our investigation will proceed or set the parameters of a lawful investigation. The court’s order today makes clear that no one is above the law, not even an organization or an individual with the name Trump.”

This investigation has been ongoing since last March. It began after Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former personal attorney, said during congressional testimony that the president was inflating his assets to look good for potential investors and business partners, while reducing his assets to avoid taxes.

The investigation thus far hasn’t uncovered anything illegal. It’s in the throes of trying to interview the people involved with the Trump Organization.