Juanita Broaddrick Hits Back At Hulu Hillary Doc

(PatriotHeadline.com) – Juanita Broaddrick, who asserts that former President Bill Clinton raped her in 1978, issued a scathing and robust response to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s new Hulu documentary.

Clinton is currently doing the media rounds promoting the four-hour docuseries from Hulu that focuses on her life, her campaign to become president, and the several controversies that followed her.

Broaddrick took to Twitter to express her disgust at Hulu using their resources to help rehabilitate Hillary Clinton’s image and even allow Bill Clinton an opportunity to dismiss the many accusations made against him. Broaddrick is one of many women who claim he abused them during his time in the White House.

“This conniving, evil couple have no remorse for the decades of Bill Clinton’s deviant, reprehensible behavior…” Broaddrick wrote. “Yes, she knew,” she added.

This wasn’t the first thing Broaddrick had to say about the Hulu documentary, either. Just days earlier, Broaddrick tweeted, “You know what’s absolutely unbelievable? Hulu allowing a low life sexual predator to talk about b*** job therapy and no one has the ‘guts’ to say.”

Broaddrick’s comment referenced a claim by former President Bill Clinton that he engaged in sexual activity with Monica Lewinsky to help “manage” his “anxiety” of being president.

Speaking to the New York Post in January, Broaddrick said she initially had no intention of watching the documentary, except for the clips she sees on social media.

“I’ll see clips of it probably from Twitter or Facebook or something like that but to watch that woman talk is torture,” she said. “I guess because I have so many feelings about her as being a fake person, a fake feminist, and knowing what she did to all of the victims of her husband.”