Journalist Claims Nazi Germany LEARNED From America, Rightly Faces HUGE Backlash

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- Journalist Jemele Hill (no, I hadn’t heard of her either) said on Sunday that the United States is “as bad” as Nazi Germany, claimed that the fascist regime learned from America, and encouraged her followers to read a book that made the same insane claims. Hill, who is a correspondent for the Atlantic, claimed that the horrific murder of six million Jews by the Nazis was something Germany learned by “watching America.”

The shocking comments were slammed by Republicans and what’s left of the sensible left, with people noting how disgusting it is to compare one of the fairest and freest nations on earth to one of the most brutal regimes in history.

How insulting is a claim like that to the millions of people who suffered the worst possible fate in Nazi Germany?

“Been reading Isabel Wilkerson’s new book, ‘Caste,’ and if you were of the opinion that the United States wasn’t nearly as bad as Nazi Germany, how wrong you are,” she said.

“Can’t encourage you enough to read this masterpiece,” she added.

As millennial leftists would say, “I can’t even….”

Comedian Tim Young hit back, explaining that the fact Hill has a huge platform and can “make a solid living sh*tting on the President and haven’t been locked in a labor camp says this is the complete opposite of nazi germany.”

Anti-woke author James Lindsay also hit back, asking, “Are you ok? Do you need help? You seem to be catastrophizing to an extreme degree about the society you live in, and cognitive behavioral therapy can make a difference in this.”

Remember back in 2016 when the Democrats warned us that Trump would turn the United States into Nazi Germany? Well, there are no concentration camps, President Trump lowered non-white unemployment to record-breaking levels, he appointed the first-ever openly-gay cabinet member in Richard Grenell, and built an economy that benefitted everybody regardless of race or background. Before COVID hit, that is.

It looks like the Democrats and their supporters in the media, despite being proven wrong last time, aren’t going to back down on this one.

Orange man bad! Orange man Hitler!