John Kerry Claims Obama/Biden Stopped Ebola Pandemic…But That’s Not Really True

( Remember Ebola? It was the virus that appears to have come from Africa that was spread by bodily fluids. The outbreak started at the end of 2013 and caused a huge loss of life in Liberia and Sierra Leone. It was not, however, a major threat to the United States and Western nations as a result of the way that the virus spreads.

In developed nations, the virus was easily stopped from spreading owing to the fact that people live in cleaner environments and are not accidentally sharing bodily fluids. That’s why the United States didn’t see any major outbreak of the virus. But Joe Biden and his campaign team, along with other bigwigs in the Democratic Party, seem to think that the actions of Joe Biden as Vice President stopped it becoming a major pandemic.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry said exactly that on Tuesday during a speech at the virtual Democratic National Convention. Kerry said that the Obama administration acted quickly to stop Ebola becoming a pandemic in the United States.

The Ebola outbreak was officially considered an epidemic by the World Health Organization early on, so Kerry’s claim that they stopped it becoming a pandemic was wrong. It was already a pandemic, though it only really affected countries in West Africa. U.S. stocks dropped by over one percent after the first person was diagnosed with the virus on American soil, and the initial scare meant that the S&P 500 dropped by one percent.

But it soon recovered, and the virus didn’t spread.

Kerry claimed that the Obama administration “led by example” during the outbreak.

“We stopped Ebola before it became a pandemic,” he claimed.

That is simply untrue, and the virus is not comparable to COVID-19. The current pandemic has seriously damaged the national economies of every nation affected by the virus, and is expected to continue causing harm until a vaccine is released to the general public. It is significantly more infectious than Ebola ever was, making this a particularly egregious claim.

But do you expect any different from the Democrats?