Joe Biden Considers TRANSGENDER Running Mate

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- If you thought Joe Boden might calm down on the wokeness now that he’s pretty much got the Democratic nomination in the bag, think again! Over the last few days, a member of the presumed Democratic presidential nominee’s team suggested that he may choose a transgender running mate.

The news came from his former senior adviser, Moe Vela, during an episode of Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM.

Radio host Joel Pollak asked Vela about Biden’s claim the transgenderism issue is the “civil rights issue of our team,” which prompted the response.

“This vice presidential choice, now – I’m saying the next bit facetiously, but I hope you’ll take it in the spirit it’s given – Joe Biden has said that the transgender movement is the civil rights movement of our time, so isn’t it somewhat cisgenderist to say you’re going to pick a female vice president, or can one qualify by identifying as female?” Pollak asked.

Vela responded in shock, saying she was surprised to get a question she’s never been asked before.

“This is my 179th interview in four months and you just did it,” he said. “I have to send you something like a gift of some kind,” she joked.

“I don’t think anything’s out of the realm of possibility. I do not,” he said. “As an openly gay man myself, and as hopefully somewhat of a leader nationally in the LGBTQ movement – I do not anticipate that, but everything’s possible.”

Vela, being so close to the campaign, knows what’s up – and knows Biden would seriously consider it!

Vela also explained that a transgender woman would qualify under the “woman’s category.”

Rather than helping Biden’s campaign, however, it looks like it might have backfired. Biden is already seen as a less-than-ideal candidate by many in the Democratic Party. In fact, a recent poll showed that 56% of Democrats would rather see Andrew Cuomo be nominated than him. The Bernie Sanders crowd is even more negative about him, too.

And, in a piece at CCN, a markets and gaming news site, the suggestion that Biden may choose a transgender running mate was described as reeking of “the usual desperate pandering.”

Will Biden pick a transgender running mate? Who knows – but, we do know it will probably be at least a biological woman. Biden has already said he intends to pick a female, now it’s just a matter of finding one good enough – after all, they may well become president once Biden is officially diagnosed with dementia!