Jen Psaki Admits Biden Would Love To See Gun Control

( White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed the messaging of the Republican party during the 2020 presidential election on Thursday, telling NBC’s Peter Alexander that President Joe Biden “would love to see action” on introducing gun control.

Who could have predicted that?

“The President promised to act on day one of this issue, of we know there is only so much he can do by executive action on it,” Alexander said. “Where does this fall on his legislative priorities?”

Only so much Joe Biden can do by executive order? After signing over three dozen orders in the first week of his presidency alone, that seems kind of like an excuse at this point.

“As Vice President, and even before that, the President took on the NRA twice and won,” Psaki said. “This is an issue he is personally committed to, many in this building are personally committed to, I think he would love to see action on additional gun safety measures to protect families and children.”

Psaki’s messaging was perfectly crafted, as usual, to disguise the infringement of Americans’ Second Amendment rights as an effort to protect citizens. Republicans argue that strengthening Second American rights would do more to protect families and children.

Anti-NRA author Frank Smyth expressed his disappointment over the comments on Twitter – as did many other anti-Second Amendment activists who were expecting action on day one.

“In response to a question about Biden’s plans for #GunReform #GunControl, @PressSec Jen Psaki gave no indication of any steps forward, while repeating Biden’s commitment to the issue,” he said.

Which is…well, it’s true. If Joe Biden promised to take action on day one, why is he waiting?

Alexander followed up during the interview and asked Psaki if President Biden was planning on taking action to put something before Congress, and she told him that she believes Congress already has some proposals.

But without ending the filibuster, which at least two Senate Democrats have said they refuse to do, there’s very little chance massive changes to Second Amendment rights will pass.