Jeanine Pirro: Obama Plotting “To Take Down Flynn and Trump”

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- Jeanine Pirro, the host of Justice on Fox News, is known for her strong words. The conservative firebrand doesn’t hold back about what she thinks, and last week she responded with scorn and anger to former President Barack Obama after it was revealed that the FBI set up former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

The prosecution of Michael Flynn has ended following revelations in the case that showed how Flynn was deliberately set up, much to the disgust of Democrats who wanted to see him imprisoned in the name of the Russia hoax. After his exoneration, Pirro used her Opening Statement monologue on her show to criticize the actions of Democratic leaders in the run-up to Flynn’s failed prosecution.

She even pulled former President Barack Obama into the center of the controversy, citing the revelation that Obama knew what was going on.

“The release this week of long-hidden transcripts fully exposed the left’s attempt at a coup d’etat albeit bloodless, but a coup nonetheless where a faction of the government tries to take down the leader of the country,” she said.

“The evidence shows former President Barack Obama and the Obama-Biden administration were the hub of the bloodless coup.”

Pirro talked about the horrors of the way in which Flynn was treated by the FBI, and asked why Obama was purposely keeping tabs on the investigation even after President Trump had been elected.

“General Michael Flynn, a decorated war hero, railroaded by a smug, arrogant FBI Director James Comedy, wearing his Cardinal Comey mask, all giggly that he violated White House protocol and policy and that his Deputy, Andy McCabe told the three-star general he didn’t need a lawyer when Flynn was actually a target, and when he was denied his constitutional Miranda Rights.”

Pirro also asked when the last time a sitting president campaigned vigorously against the candidate of the opposing party for president. Obama was vocally opposed to President Trump from 2015 right up until Trump took office in January 2017.

“Obama went after Trump harder than Bill Clinton. Obama rallied the Justice Department and the FBI Intelligence Communities,” she said.

Obama is understood to have been directly involved with the prosecution of this case and, assuming President Trump is re-elected in November, we are likely to hear much more about the details of that. If the FBI and a sitting president can conspire to send down a war hero like Flynn to send a political message, then what else can they do? And what else might they have done?