Jason Whitlock: “REPULSIVE” To Suggest Dallas Cowboys Coach Is Racist For Watermelon Stunt

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Former NFL tight end and sports commentator Shannon Sharpe has made news for suggesting Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy is a racist. His sin? Smashing watermelons with a sledgehammer in his best Gallagher impression. Well, Outkick sportswriter Jason Whitlock has known both Sharpe and McCarthy for years, and has some choice words for Sharpe’s actions: “There is not a shred of evidence that Mike McCarthy is racist, and throwing that tag on him to get through a television segment is REPULSIVE to me.” Jason makes the case that Sharpe’s actions are a “gimmick” and that “the sight of a watermelon and Mike McCarthy smashing it is NOT some painful reminder of racism. It’s a painful reminder of when we all used to laugh at Gallagher.”