Jared And Ivanka’s Kids Leave Handprints In White House Lawn

(PatriotHeadline.com)- President Donald Trump’s future at the White House remains uncertain, with even some Republican elected officials refusing to cooperate on forensic audits in states affected by voter fraud and misconduct, but the president’s grandchildren just left a permanent reminder in the White House garden in the form of handprints.

The three children of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump left their handprints in the White House Children’s Garden. An Instagram post on Ivanka’s account described the importance and meaning of the Children’s Garden and published a photo with her children posing with their hand casts.


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“The Children’s Garden was a gift from President and Mrs. Johnson to the White House in 1968,” she said. “The garden features a goldfish pond, an apple tree, tulips and grape hyacinth.”

“Footprints and handprints of Presidents’ children and grandchildren are embedded in the garden’s paved pathway. 10 more bronze pavers were added by @FLOTUS, handprints of each of President Trump’s grandchildren,” she added.

Who wants to bet someone will end up offended by this?

President Donald Trump is nearing the end of his first term as president, and it’s still unclear whether or not he will have a second term…or at least, an immediate second term. Joe Biden has already been declared the “president-elect” but a joint session of Congress on January 6 will count the Electoral College votes and confirm which candidate won.

As it stands, evidence of widespread election fraud in battleground states Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and elsewhere has prompted several Republican Senators and Representatives to say they will challenge the Electoral College votes and force Vice President Mike Pence to pick the winner.

President Donald Trump also addressed the nation on Tuesday night. During his speech, he told Congress to go back to the drawing board on the latest round of COVID-19 relief, requesting that every American be cut a check for $2,000. He also said at the end of the speech that the next administration could be tasked with resolving the issue and that it could be him.

Whether Trump goes or not, his grandchildren have left a permanent mark in the White House!