Iowa Democrats REFUSE To Fix Caucus Results Errors

( – Iowa Democrats are doubling down and refusing to fix errors on the results sheets, despite the well-documented disaster that took days to fix. The New York Times performed extensive research into the problem and revealed that the problem went further than just a broken app.

What they found was a major problem with a tabulation system used with results sheets that can’t be changed after they have been turned in, even if those sheets contained several errors. So once the results with the errors were in, the system was unable to change them.

Even though Iowa Democrats finally certified the results of the caucus on Sunday, showing a win for Pete Buttigieg, it seems that Bernie Sanders actually won the majority of the vote. That means Sanders received fewer votes than Buttigieg despite winning more votes. And this isn’t an Electoral College matter – it’s a plain and simple caucus!

As Sanders and Buttigieg fight it out over the crooked results, the Democrats in Iowa have doubled down and said that they won’t fix the errors. Instead, they have vowed to figure out what happened.

The New York Times reported that the problems included “inconsistencies in the reported data from at least one in six” of the precincts within the state. This affected how the state handed our delegates and, as a result, means the results are likely to be inaccurate.

Shayla McCormally, a lawyer for the Democratic Party, said in an email to the New York Times that “the incorrect math on the Caucus Math Worksheets must not be changed to ensure the integrity of the process.”


“It is the legal voting record of the caucus, like a ballot…The seriousness of the record is made clear by the language at the bottom stating that any misrepresentation of the information is a crime. Therefore, any changes or tampering with the sheet could result in a claim of election interference of misconduct.”

The argument, therefore, is that the Iowa Democrats cannot change the results because it would technically cause a legal challenge. Sanders supporters, however, might argue that a legal challenge is coming anyway and it is worth the Democrats’ time to attempt to fix errors made during the count.

In the New York Times piece, it was also revealed that the problem wasn’t completely unseen and that the Democratic National Committee might have known it was coming. At least, that’s what emails between DNC officials seem to suggest.

The chaos continues for the Democrats…