Iowa Democrats Chairman FINALLY Resigns After Caucus Disaster

( – In true Iowa Democrats style, the chairman of the local party has resigned days late.

Troy Price, the Iowa Democratic Party chairman, announced on Wednesday that he would be stepping down from his role following an ongoing debate about the botched caucus.

In a letter sent to local party members, Price explained, “The fact is that Democrats deserved better than what happened on caucus night.”

Price also said, “As chair of this party, I am deeply sorry for what happened and bear the responsibility for any failures on behalf of the Iowa Democratic Party.”

He then announced that he would be resigning as chair of the local party effective upon the election of his replacement.

The results of the Iowa caucus are still contests. Both Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg are calling for partial recanvassing of the caucus to obtain greater accuracy.  The issue arose, partially, as a result of a problem with the mobile application used to count votes. Ironically, the application used was designed to ensure accuracy in reporting and avoid voter fraud. It did precisely the opposite.

Pete Buttigieg was ultimately awarded the most delegates after counting was complete, and Bernie Sanders was awarded 12.

In his resignation letter, Price explained that there was “no doubt that the process of reporting results did not work” and that it was “unacceptable.”

“Know that the IDP is not the only party to blame for what happened last week,” he added.


Price admitted that the Iowa Democratic Party had worked with a number of partners and vendors who will be assisting in their review of what went wrong.

The outgoing chairman used his letter to impart some positive news and advice, however. In wrapping up, he explained how he believed the party could build and ultimately win the November presidential election.

“In spite of the challenges these last few days, I leave knowing that the party is in a strong position to move forward,” he said.

“Thousands of new Democrats joined our party through our caucus process. The Iowa Democratic party currently has more money than ever before at this point in an election cycle. The infrastructure built through these last few months will allow us to build an organization that will turn Iowa Blue in November.”

If they can’t even get a caucus right, then they certainly have a lot of work to do to get a presidential campaign right!