Ilhan Omar Says Democrats Must “Fight”

( Far-left Representative Ilhan Omar used violent languages during an interview on CNN’s “Inside Politics” on Friday, suggesting that the Democrats would “fight” to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 in the face of opposition from those concerned that it would cause millions to lose their jobs.

CNN host John King said that President Biden says he is disappointed about the decision not to include the $15 minimum wage hike in the upcoming COVID relief package, but that the White House says it’s time to move on.

“What now?” he asked Omar.

And that’s when she used fighting language.

“That is disappointing to hear the White House say that. The rule of the parliamentarian is advisory, and there is an opportunity for us to overwrite when we do not have that advice allowing us to pass a policy that is supported by two-thirds of the American people that would essentially give a pay increase to 28 million people. It is unacceptable, I believe, for us to continue to come up with excuses on why we can’t do the right thing for the American people,” she said.

Omar said that when Republicans are in charge, they do all they can and don’t let things get in the way and that now is the time for Democrats to “fight for working Americans for this opportunity that they are given.”

Many Republicans would fundamentally disagree with the notion that they stop at nothing when they hold a majority in the Senate and House.

President Donald Trump and the Republicans held all three chambers of government following the 2016 presidential election, but for two years, zero progress was made on a number of key Republican promises including the wall.

Omar added that the American people have been “waiting for a very long time” for the minimum wage hike, and said that the Democrats should do the right thing.

Her use of the phrase “fight” is interesting, given how Democrats recently put former President Donald Trump through a second impeachment hearing over his use of the phrase “fight like hell.”

Democrats argued that the former president’s call for peaceful protest was superseded by his call for Americans to “fight like hell” for election integrity, which they claimed incited a violent insurrection on Capitol Hill on January 6.

Will Omar face an impeachment trial for saying the same?