Ilhan Omar Pushes To Have Filibuster ENDED

( Far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar told MSNBC on Monday that she believes democrats should vote to end the filibuster, which would allow her party to advance extremist legislation while they control both chambers of Congress. It’s a radical move previously advocated for by President Barack Obama, and which would stop Democrats from needing to reach across the aisle to win over Republicans when passing new legislation.

Omar attempted to conflate the radical plan with lifting “substantial barriers for voting for low-income communities and people of color,” but she failed to provide any evidence that low-income families or non-white people face any additional challenges when it comes to voting.

Every single citizen in the United States, no matter their race or income, has exactly the same right to vote in all of the same ways.

When asked if she believed in removing the filibuster, which would mean passing legislation with a simple majority, Omar said it is “really now what we have to do.”

It looks like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has some competition for being the most partisan member of Congress…

“We need to dramatically reform our democratic institutions. We have to end this filibuster. We have to end gerrymandering. We have to make sure that we were removing substantial barriers for voting for low-income communities and people of color,” she added.

“We have to end unchecked corporate power in politics,” she also said. “There’s a lot of work that we can do.”

Omar’s suggestion that unchecked corporate power must be stopped was particularly interesting given just how much her party benefitted from dark money in the November election.

Even CNN was forced to admit that Joe Biden and the Democrats benefitted from hundreds of millions of dollars in “dark money” that came from organizations who take donations on behalf of recipients.

“More than $320 million of so-called “dark money” helped boost Democrats in the White House and congressional races — more than double the anonymous dollars that aided Republicans in this year’s federal elections, a new analysis shows,” CNN revealed.

Omar appears willing to advocate hypocritical ideas and unashamedly bash bipartisanship.

On January 25, the far-left legislator claimed that Republicans “used every tool imaginable to pass their agenda,” and that Democrats should do the same by abolishing the filibuster.

Does this sound like “unity and healing” to you?