Huge Street Party Takes Place In Brooklyn Despite Lockdown

( The people of New York seem to be getting tired of the strict lockdown orders put in place by Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio, and that has never been more evident than earlier this week when a huge crowd gathered on the streets of Brooklyn to party.

The New York Police Department confirmed that they are investigating video footage that was shared online showing a wild party outdoors, with people dancing, twerking on top of cars, drinking, and having fun. The footage appeared over the weekend and went viral in the days following.

The footage you see above was originally published on Snapchat but has since been downloaded and shared onto several other social media platforms, sparking great division about whether it’s funny or just plain irresponsible.

Speaking to NBC 4 New York, a spokesperson from the mayor’s office says that police are encouraged to disperse any crowd of this size and that anybody who refuses to disperse when instructed may be issued a summons. It’s the message we’ve heard time and time again, and one we may be hearing for several months more owing to the fact that New York City is densely populated and more prone to a rapid spread of the virus.

The video appeared on the same day that the New York Police Department closed a Jewish Orthodox school that opened in Bedford-Stuyvesant against orders from the city and the state. Police officers were forced to send over 100 children home from school according to officials. Mayor Bill de Blasio has received a great deal of criticism for targeting Jewish communities repeatedly on Twitter in a way that, if a Republican had done it, would be described as racist or anti-Semitic by Democrats.

As of this week, there are over 191,000 cases of the Chinese coronavirus in New York City. More than 16,000 people have died as of Tuesday, according to official data from the New York City Department of Health.