Hot Mic Catches Democrats Mocking National Anthem

( Many Republicans have long argued that Democrats are not patriotic, and Rep. Matt Gaetz might just have proven it.

House Judiciary Democrats were caught making fun of Gaetz when he requested that the committee recite the Pledge of the Allegiance at the start of all hearings. The Republican congressman made the suggestion to help bring his congressional colleagues together during a heated and divided political time.

“I’m grateful to be back on this august committee and I understand and appreciate the significance and importance of the work that we do,” Gaetz said to the committee. “And I just think it would be nice in the spirit of national unity and national pride which I know we all aspire to do to a greater extent than at the beginning of each meeting the chair, or one of the designees of the chair, would have the opportunity to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.”

Rep. Jerry Nadler, a Democrat, told Gaetz that it was “unnecessary” to repeat the pledge because the House begins every day by reciting it.

Gaetz was joined by Republican Rep. Burgess Owens of Utah, who called on his colleagues to come together for “15 seconds to show our kids that…we can agree to disagree, but we love our country enough to at least stand and represent our flag.”

“Let’s stand, let’s pledge our flag, and then we will be an example of what unity looks like,” Owens said.

A sentiment that’s hard to disagree with…but Democrats found a way to disagree.

Gaetz explained how every Democrat present voted “no” to the proposal and went on to mock him for making the suggestion. He posted a video in which they can be heard taunting him and mocking the pledge of allegiance.

“I wake up in the morning and I pledge allegiance to the flag, I go outside regardless of the weather, I got my flag up by my house and I pledge allegiance,” Democratic Rep. for Tennessee, Steve Cohen mockingly said.

“Then I get on my knees and I pray. If I do that, if I, do I have to, am I supposed to do it again and how many times a day should I do that?” he added.

Another Democrat can be heard joining in on the joke, saying, “I think you should do it at least every hour.”

Would it really have hurt to pledge allegiance to the flag one additional time?