Hillary’s Campaign Manager Had A Hand In The Catastrophic Iowa Caucus App

(PatriotHeadline.com) – The Iowa caucus, at least for the Democrats, has been an absolute disaster. As a result of a broken app that counted the votes placed by delegates, the results have been severely delayed and there have been two days of speculations and chaos.

Amid rumors that Bernie Sanders may have had the caucus stolen from him by Democrats desperate to keep him from becoming the candidate, reports now suggest that the broken app responsible for the chaos is linked to a former Hillary Clinton campaign manager. According to a report from the Des Moines Register, the web development vendors behind the app used had partnered with Harvard’s Defending Digital Democracy Project in late 2019.

The partnership was designed to create systems that protect the results of the vote from manipulation and stop misinformation from being reported on the night of the caucus. As part of the project, the parties worked with Matt Rhodes and Robby Mook, experts in national security, technology, and cybersecurity.

As it turns out, Mook was the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run. Rhodes served as Republican Mitt Romney’s campaign manager in 2012.

This isn’t looking good. If the Bernie Bros were already angry and suspicious, this is just going to make things worse.

In fact, Bernie supporters have already taken to Twitter to express their concerns and suggest that the entire caucus disaster was set up to rob their candidate of a victory.

Robby Mook, however, defended himself and said that he didn’t have any involvement with the building of the app. Not only that, but he claims he didn’t know anything about it, and doesn’t own a company that makes mobile apps.

But that’s not the full story. Mook might not have developed the code, however, it is understood that he was responsible for testing it and is thought to have signed off on its final version. Lee Fang of The Intercept claims that the application was “vetted by former Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook’s new election cybersecurity group.”

The story continues to unfold, and time will tell whether this entire debacle was really an error or something more sinister.