Gov. Ron DeSantis Drafts Anti-Mob Bill That Lets Citizens SHOOT Rioters And Looters

( Ron DeSantis, the Republican Governor of Florida, has reportedly drafted a new anti-mob bill designed to help Americans defend themselves against gangs of far-left extremists rioting and looting. The new legislation would expand on Florida’s Stand Your Ground Laws, which allow legally armed citizens to defend themselves against people who threaten their safety or property.

The legislation was reportedly written after Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Democrat voters took to the streets this summer and caused at least $2 billion in damage throughout many of America’s biggest cities. Under the proposed legislation, Florida’s self-defense laws would be expanded to allow citizens to use force against people who engage in rioting, arson, looting, or any other activity that “results in the interruption or impairment of a business operation.”

It works in the same way as President Donald Trump’s reforms that said rioters who tear down statues receive 10 years prison time. It quickly put an end to the trend of pulling down historic and valuable statues.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the draft legislation “put specifics behind DeSantis’ pledge in September to crack down on ‘violent and disorderly assemblies.’”

The newspaper also says that the proposal would “enhance criminal penalties for people involved in ‘violent or disorderly assemblies’” and “make it a third-degree felony to block traffic during a protest.” It would also give immunity to drivers who claim to have unintentionally injured or killed protesters who purposely blocked the road and stood in traffic, as well as withhold state funds from local governments that cut the budgets for law enforcement teams.

It’s easily the strongest piece of legislation proposed in the United States to deal with the extremist activism orchestrated by left-wing Democrats throughout the last year.

While the legislation has been seen by the Miami Herald, it is not yet filed officially as a bill in the Florida Senate or House.

DeSantis faces criticism from left-wing activists online who opposed the legislation, with some branding it “racist” without explanation, and other blue checkmarks saying DeSantis “can’t get any worse.”

The legislation does not discriminate against anybody according to their race, according to the text seen by the Miami Herald. There is also no indication that DeSantis, or any other Republican, advocates legislation that discriminates based on race. Instead, it offers legal protections for those who defend themselves and their livelihoods against violent rioters.