GOP Congressman Says Big Tech Censorship Is “Dictatorial”

(PatriotHeadline)- Big tech censorship is getting out of control, and more and more people every day are coming out saying that it’s downright wrong.

On Tuesday, Republican Representative Andy Biggs of Arizona said the actions of big tech companies are now “dictatorial” efforts to suppress free speech. After Twitter permanently banned President Donald Trump from its social media platform, Facebook suspended him indefinitely — but may also ban him altogether.

Then, Apple and Google banned the alternative social media app Parler from their mobile app stores, before Amazon removed their servers from their company. That led to Parler going completely dark overnight.

Biggs said in an interview with “Outnumbered Overtime” that he feared that moves like these by big tech companies would lead to even more “bitterness” in the country. Conservatives have long felt that big tech companies have attempted to silence their voices, just because of the opinions they hold.

During the interview, Biggs commented on the Capitol insurrection as a whole when he said:

“First of all, I condemn the [Capitol] violence. That was outrageous, and it was horrible, frankly. I have every confidence that those individuals are going to be apprehended and prosecuted. But [Senator Chuck Schumer] is asking for a declaration that they are domestic terrorists. He wants it done immediately to prevent them from getting on airplanes. I’m not sure that’s the wisest thing. Certainly, we need to get after these people, arrest them and prosecute them, and that would be appropriate.”

Then, Biggs dove directly into his main beef — that big tech is overstepping their rights. He said:

“You have a book deal from [Republican Senator] Josh Hawley being cancelled. That’s part of the cancel culture. If you really want to bring unity and cool down the simmering embers that are burning right now, you don’t pour more gas on the fire. That’s what I think these people are trying to do.

“When you start suppressing speech, first of all, it’s dictatorial. Second, it violates our constitutional right. But the third thing I would say is it causes people to go underground, and as people go underground … you get more conspiracy theories involved. It gets injected with more hatred. It gets injected with more bitterness.

“The way they’re doing this, they’re going to prevent discussions that make us all progress and solve issues. Instead, they’re going to foment more problems, more discord by doing this. My opinion, they’re trying to create a single party system, and that’s wrong.”

Biggs has a lot of really good points here. First and foremost, suppressing people’s constitutional right to free speech is, in fact, dictatorial. That’s the type of thing that happens all the time in countries such as Iran, China and North Korea. And no one would claim that those countries are models for what America should become.

Second, big tech censoring conservative voices won’t shut them up. It will just force them to find a new avenue to have open and honest discussion with like-minded people. And, in the meantime, it’s going to anger these people and get them even more riled up than big tech thinks they are now.