Giuliani Is CONVINCED Democrats Want To “Literally Kill” Him

( – Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, now the personal lawyer of President Donald Trump, has publicly claimed that Democrats are literally trying to murder him. Giuliani made the explosive comments during an interview on Fox Business with Trish Regan.

“Big Democratic scam for about seven years, started in 2011. We’re going to reveal the whole thing,” he said.

You can view the comments he made in the video below.

Giuliani insisted he wasn’t just talking about Biden or any one Democrat in particular. Instead, he explained how the entire Democratic Party establishment was out to kill him.

“It’s not just Biden-a bunch of Democrats. And that’s why they’re so…they’re so crazy on the subject of Ukraine, and why they want to kill, literally kill me.”

Giuliani’s comments will no doubt resonate with many Trump supporters who have found themselves victim to the unforgiving and brutal nature of left-wing vengeance. In just the last few days, Republican activists in Florida were almost killed by a radical left-wing activist who plowed his car into their registration tent.

Giuliani also said during the interview that he was in possession of information about presidential candidate Joe Biden’s family. Following the claims, a Pittsburgh U.S. Attorney office is said to be looking into information provided to the Department of Justice by Giuliani.

Often credited with cleaning up New York City and cracking down on crime, Giuliani is a gifted political operative but has been the target of attacks by Democrats for many years. This isn’t the first time that he has suggested political opponents want him dead. In November of last year, he told Ed Henry of Fox News that he believed the Biden camp would try to kill him.

“I expected, the moment I heard Biden’s name, I told my colleagues, they’re going to try to kill me.”

He continued, “Because they’re going to kill the messenger. But damn it, the mafia couldn’t kill me, your colleagues are not going to kill me.”

If Giuliani is serious about having information on the Biden camp, and that he believes they would want to “kill the messenger,” then we could be on the verge of discovering explosive revelations about the former vice president.

Whatever they are, they’re sure to be even more serious than his constant prodding, poking, and even groping of political supporters and critics.