Germany CONCERNED That Trump Plans to Withdraw American Trumps from Country

( You may be surprised to learn that, despite the Second World War ending 75 years ago, the United States still have 34,5000 troops station in Germany permanently. President Donald Trump, noting that it doesn’t make much sense, announced recently that he would significantly reduce the number of American soldiers in the country and bring them back to the United States or deploy them somewhere more strategically sensible.

Germany voiced concern about the decision on Sunday, however, suggested it could weaken NATO defense.

Heiko Maas, the Foreign Minister for Germany, said both the United States and Germany benefit from a close relationship, but that the relationship has become “complicated” since President Trump took office. Other politicians made similar comments, though some were much more vocal and less civil about the matter.

Peter Beyer, the coordinator of transatlantic relations for Chancellor Angela Merkel, said that doesn’t could result in the US-Germany relationship being “severely affected.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, President Trump ordered the Pentagon to reduce the number of U.S. troops in Germany by as many as 9,500. That would mean as many as 25,000 American troops remaining in Germany, which is many more than a lot of Trump supporters might argue are even necessary.

Speaking to Bild am Sonntag, Maas explained how the relationship between the Trump administration and the left-wing chancellor of Germany was becoming more strained.

“We are close partners in the transatlantic alliance, but it’s complicated,” he said. He made the comments in reference to ongoing disagreements over the Iran Nuclear Deal, which Trump tore up after making it a key promise in his 2016 campaign. President Trump has also pressured countries including Germany to pay more into the NATO budget, citing an unfair burden placed on the United States, and even clashed with Merkel over her country’s support for building a new Russian gas pipeline.

The decision to slash troop numbers in Germany is yet to be confirmed, but Trump has long been vocal about tearing up or reforming agreements made with European countries when he considers them unfair to the United States. Germany is also home to more American troops than any country in Europe, and without any immediate threat, it would come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the situation that the president would choose to make some changes.