FREEDOM: Tennessee Will Reopen Theaters and AMUSEMENT PARKS

( Tennessee announced last week that they would take the biggest steps in the reopening of the United States economy by allowing theme parks and theaters to start operating again. The state already allows restaurants and bars to stay open, and is planning to lift capacity restrictions on those businesses too.

That means, by the end of May, Tennessee’s economy will have virtually returned to normal. Other states, like Colorado and Georgia, also allow residents to go to restaurants and open up their businesses.

According to the Tennessee Economic Recovery Group, 89 out of 95 counties across the state will list capacity restrictions on businesses, not only allowing more people into restaurants and bars but also allowing businesses to start making as much money as they did before the lockdown. Or at least, more than they did under capacity restrictions.

The next stage for reopening in Tennessee will take place on May 22nd at the earliest. Alongside amusement parks and theaters, businesses that will be allowed to open up as normal will also include auditoriums, museums, recreational parks and race tracks. However, the state-wide restriction of only allowing 10 people to gather in small groups will remain.

Republican Governor Bill Lee announced in a statement that the businesses will open “in a safe and thoughtful way.”

On Twitter, Lee explained how he believes the economy can be opened safely if people work together “as a community of volunteers.”

Lee linked to a website,, which offers extensive guidelines for businesses, restaurants, manufacturing operations, and more. It explains how businesses can reopen while maintaining social distancing measures, as part of the state’s “Do your part. Stay apart,” the campaign promoted on Lee’s profile.

“The Tennessee Pledge asks businesses to provide safe working conditions that protect both employees and consumers, while securing their livelihoods,” the TN Pledge website explains. “This plan also asks employees to commit to protecting themselves, their co-workers and the customers they serve. Finally, we encourage every Tennessee resident to be one the same team with our businesses; act responsibly by following recommended guidelines for social distancing, hygiene and wearing protective equipment when appropriate.”

Meanwhile, California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom is moving forward with plans to maintain the existing stay-at-home order for the next three months.