Fraud? Gretchen Whitmer Says Michigan Results Could Take Days To Determine

( Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan has warned that it could take several days after election day to determine the results of the presidential election in her state.

Whitmer is a staunch anti-Trump Democrat who hit the headlines earlier this year when she implemented some of the strictest lockdown rules in the country. Residents of Michigan were banned from purchasing items she deemed “non-essential” in supermarkets, forcing people to stay at home and do nothing for several weeks.

Michigan’s Supreme Court ruled against her in October, saying she lacked the authority to extend the state of emergency past April 30.

Now, Whitmer is stepping into the discussion on extending deadlines for accepting and counting ballots sent by mail. On Wednesday, she said that it may take “a few days” to determine who wins the key battleground state – meaning it could be several days, at least, until we know who won the election.

Governor Whitmer blamed the massive influx of postal ballots for the likely delay, which is the voting system that she and other Democrats have been encouraging since the moment the pandemic started. However, it isn’t clear precisely why an influx of absentee ballots would stop the votes from being counted in time.

Ballots that are received after 8 p.m. on election day cannot be counted, according to a ruling from an appeals court. That means most ballots will be received well before then, and they should take no longer to count than votes that are cast in person.

According to Tracy Wimmer, the Director of Media Relations at Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s office, the delay is caused because they have received a “record-breaking number of requests and returns.”

“It took about 36 hours following our statewide August primary to tabulate the then-record breaking number of 1.6 million absentee ballots cast, and we are estimating we will have approximately twice as many absentee ballots-3 million-so therefore it would take approximately twice as long (roughly 80 hours, or until about Friday) to tabulate them all following appropriate procedure (identity verification process and having a bipartisan pair of election workers process and tabulate the ballot),” she said.

It still provides no explanation for why the ballots would take days to count when it would ultimately be the same number of ballots being counted as if people had voted in person.

Governor Whitmer has also ordered media outlets not to declare a winner for the state until the state government weighs in.

Could something sinister be going on?