FBI Investigating Whether 5G Paranoia Behind Nashville Explosion

(PatriotHeadline.com)- New reports suggest that the Nashville explosion on Christmas day could have been inspired by 5G paranoia. FBI agents are reportedly investigating the possibility that Anthony Quinn Warner, the man believed to be behind the suicide attack, was paranoid about the implementation of 5G network technology.

According to a Sunday report by the New York Post, a source close to the investigation said that agents are now proving if 63-year-old Warner “feared that 5G technology was being used to spy on Americans.”

So far, there has been no obvious explanation for why Warner appears to have carried out the attack. The explosion came from a parked RV in the streets of Nashville, Tennessee, and an audio system warned people nearby to evacuate before the explosion occurred.

According to the Post, Warner’s possible fears of 5G technology – which is a concern shared widely by millions all over the Western world – was confirmed by a real estate agent in the city who told NBC that he had called the FBI on Saturday after seeing Warner’s name in the news.

The real estate agent, Steve Fridrich, contacted investigators after realizing that he had previously hired an IT professional named “Tony Warner,” including in the last month. However, Fridrich said that he told agents he never heard Warner discussing his concerns about 5G.

“Nice guy. You know, he was a techie guy, don’t mean anything negative about that,” Fridrich said. He also added that Warner “didn’t bother anybody” and simply “did his thing and left.”

Officials understand that the explosion appeared to be designed to minimize the number of casualties, given the extensive warning provided over the loudspeaker before the explosion occurred. Once the audio warning was made, six Nashville police officers evacuated people in the surrounding area, potentially saving lives.

Multiple sources confirmed on December 26 that Warner was a person of interest, though given the attack was a suicide bombing and few seem to know much about the man, finding out precisely why the attack took place could prove difficult.

If this really was a result of 5G paranoia, what does this mean for the rollout of this technology nationally?