Father of Man Killed in Chaz Heard News from FRIENDS, Not Officials

(PatriotHeadline.com)- This is tragic. The father of a man who was killed in the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone didn’t hear about the tragic news from officials, but from friends of his son. On Wednesday’s episode of “Hannity” on Fox News, Horace Lorenzo Anderson talked about the shooting of his son, Horace Lorenzo Anderson Jr, on June 20. He explained how he discovered the news when his son’s friends approached him, and that it took weeks for police officers to even reach out to him.

Imagine that. Your son is killed in a far-left protest, and it takes weeks for the police to even reach out and tell you about it.

Anderson told Hannity that he thinks that local officials should have stepped in much sooner and done something about the illegal and dangerous protest.

You can see the interview below.

Anderson explained that the friends who told him about his son’s death weren’t even from Seattle and that the Seattle Police Department didn’t tell him. Even the city’s mayor refused to contact him about the death of his son, leaving him to wonder whether it would have taken weeks for him to find out if his son’s friends hadn’t reached out.

Anderson said the police department only reached out to him, he believes because he went on TV and talked about it. Had he not done that, he believes he wouldn’t have heard from them at all.

And to this day, Anderson still doesn’t know any details surrounding the death of his son. All he knows is that his son was shot and killed during the far-left Antifa protest in the “autonomous” zone. He took the time on Fox News to express his condolences to the family of George Floyd, too.

Floyd was the Minnesota man who was arrested and killed by a police officer. It is the incident that sparked the far-left riots that resulted in the formation of the illegal “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.” Had Antifa rioters not set up that zone in the first place, Anderson’s son would not have died.