Far-Left Extremists Vandalize Church And Synagogue In Kenosha BLM Riots

(PatriotHeadline.com)- Kenosha, Wisconsin, was subject to yet another night of violence courtesy of Antifa and Black Lives Supporters on Wednesday. This time, rioters went after religious institutions, vandalizing a church and synagogue in the city in the name of…racial justice?

Journalist Julio Rosas published a series of videos showing the violence in Kenosha that night, and one of the videos showed Black Lives Matter activists spraying the words “Free Palestine” on the driveway of Beth Hillel Temple.

The vandalism just goes to show that this really isn’t about racial justice, as they say. This is a wider movement and an opportunity for far-left activists to cause as much chaos as possible in the name of several political campaigns that they hope the Democrats will continue supporting. Joe Biden’s campaign already backtracked on its condemnation of anti-Semite Linda Sarsour, who advocates against Israel, so perhaps it’s only a matter of time before the Democratic presidential nominee starts saying “Free Palestine” too.

Rosas also published footage of vandalism caused by Black Lives Matter at Christ the King Church. The world “BLM” was spraypainted on the sign in front of the church.

In what world do these far-left activists think that a Christian church doesn’t believe that all lives, including black lives, matter?

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel echoed CNN’s sentiments about the riots, claiming that the fourth night of unrest was “peaceful.” But the footage shows otherwise.

Speaking to the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle, the rabbi of the synagogue that was vandalized – who happens to be a liberal – dismissed the vandalism as no big deal.

“I’m a lot more concerned about the loss of life that the Black community experiences on a regular basis because of systemic racism, because of the violence directed at them, than I am about whatever damages or costs are incurred for us because of it,” he said.