FACT Alleges Campaign Violations By Super PAC With Ties To Chuck Schumer

(PatriotHeadline.com) – A super PAC that has affiliations with Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer has been hit with a complaint alleging illegal coordination with another campaign.

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission alleging that Theresa Greenfield, a Democrat from Iowa, and her campaign violated election laws. It did so when a super PAC produced a TV ad in her favored that had language similar to that from a document Greenberg’s campaign had posted to its website a few weeks before. The super PAC ad also used footage of video the Greenfield campaign posted.

According to the complaint:

“Several federal candidates have used their campaign websites to request outside organizations, with which they are prohibited from coordinating, produce and run television advertisements on their behalf. The requests are conveyed in a specific format, i.e. using a campaign webpage entitled ‘Important Update,’ identifying the information with specific ‘code words’ such as ‘Iowa voters need to hear about,’ and linking to a PDF document that is designed to provide the information and citations for the substance of the advertisement, which all appear to be in the same format.

“The purpose and effect are clear: to give specific instructions, information and graphic campaign materials to outside organizations to run advertisements beneficial to their campaign.”

In the beginning of last month, Greenfield’s campaign published similar posts to the ones described above on its website. A few weeks later, the Senate Majority PAC announced it was starting a $1 million ad buy to support Greenfield in Iowa. The ad that they ran, however, used subject matter that was in a memo on Greenfield’s website, and they used footage from a YouTube video that was linked there as well.

The complaint continues:

“Under federal law, Senate candidates are prohibited from coordinating with Super PACs such as Senate Majority PAC on advertisements. Senate Majority PAC is also prohibited from republishing campaign materials, including photographs and video from a campaign committee.”

The FACT group said there is suspicion that Greenfield’s committee solicited the ad from the PAC, which would be an “illegal in-kind contribution in the form of a television advertisement.” As a result, the commission needs to investigate further and enforce actions if there are indeed “apparent violations,” the watchdog group said.

The complaint concluded:

“There is reason to believe Greenfield and Theresa Greenfield for Iowa solicited and accepted an illegal contribution from Senate Majority PAC by coordinating communications valued at over $1 million. Facts demonstrating coordination are: Greenfield made the request for the advertisement in a known format designed to convey the request, the request was acted on within a short amount of time, and the advertisement conveyed the requested information and republished the provided campaign materials.”

Greenfield is running in the Democratic primary for the Senate in Iowa. The primary will take place on June 2. She is considered the favorite in the party, especially since she is backed by establishment figures in the Democratic Party. If she does win the primary, she would face Senator Joni Ernst, a Republican, in the November general election.