Experts: Ohio No Longer A Swing State As Voters Ditch Democrats

( According to election analysts, Ohio may no longer be a swing state and might now be considered a firmly Republican state. Despite being a part of the Democrats’ “blue wall” in 2016, President Donald Trump took the state in a decisive victory and once again won the state in the 2020 election.

Republican candidates down-ballot are performing well in Ohio, too, suggesting that it may no longer be a swing state at all.

NBC News contributor David Wasserman said recently that Ohio is now “way off from being the swing state it was several decades ago.”

It’s good news for the Republican Party, which has been slowly losing votes as Demographics shift in favor of Democrats.

NBC reported how several Ohio countries have been switching more firmly Red since 2012, with one interesting example coming from Trumbull County. In 2012, 38% of voters there supported Mitt Romney’s campaign and down-ballot Republicans, compared to 54% achieved in the 2020 election. Another good example comes from Jackson County, which saw 76% support for President Donald Trump this year, compared to 59% for Mitt Romney in 2012.

Ohio is has turned deep red in less than a decade.

Mark Caleb Smith, a political science professor from Ohio’s Cedarville University, said that his home state is now a “much more red state than it is a purple state.”

“If you look at recent elections, state-wide, presidential or gubernatorial, Republicans have done extremely well,” he explained. “I just think that means Ohio has taken a different turn.”

Could it be that President Donald Trump’s efforts to make the Republican Party a working-class, racially-diverse political party are paying off?

“I think Ohio has shifted a little bit, and it’s no longer that middle part of the country – it’s probably a little more on the right, traditional conservative side,” Smith continued.

If true, it would make sense, as Democrats have shifted radically to the left in recent years. What was once a moderately centre-left political party that openly favored capitalism has become a broad-church political group that includes avowed socialists and radicals like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

If Joe Biden does form an administration and become the president in January, he would be the first president since 1960 to win the White House without winning Ohio.

Has President Donald Trump broken traditional politics in America?