Ex GOP Candidate Brutally Beaten In Apparent Ambush…

(PatriotHeadline.com)- The unprecedented wave of violence against Republicans in the United States continues after a former Texas Republican candidate for state Senate announced she was brutally beaten on Christmas eve. No motive has yet been revealed for the calculated attack.

KVEO-TV reports that three people have so far been arrested in connection to the violent attack.

Vanessa Tijerina revealed how she was lured back to a Raymondville hotel by a woman who said that she needed to tell her something “very important regarding her safety.”

Likely aware of how Republicans are so frequently targeted today, Tijerina went with the woman to the hotel.

Speaking in a Facebook Live video, Tijerina said that they “made it seem like they had something really, really important to tell me and they couldn’t tell me on the phone.”

In a subsequent post on Twitter, Tijerina said that upon arrival at the hotel, she was “violently terrorized, bound, gagged, & tortured.”

“This was purely a hate crime. The person ordering the torture on a live stream is still unidentified,” she added.

In the Facebook Live video, she explained that she never thought back as she expected it to get worse if she did. She also said that she wasn’t sure if she would survive the beating if it got worse, so submitted to the attackers so she could stay alive for her daughters.

The group of attackers also reportedly robbed Tijerina after beating her.

“They stole my car. They stole my money. They stole everything from me,” she added.

Could this be an anti-Republican attack?
Raymond Santana, Ariel Vera, and Amanda Salinas have all been arrested in connection to the brutal attack, according to the police. Tijerina said that the only person missing is the person that gave the orders for her to be tortured, suggesting that the three attackers were acting on the orders of somebody online.

Bizarrely, the motive remains unconfirmed, but the three attackers have been charged with unlawful restraint, aggravated robbery, aggravated assault, assault causing bodily injury, organized criminal activity, possession, unlawful restraint, and more.