Epstein’s Accuser Got Half A Million From Him (REPORT)

(PatriotHeadline.com)- New details from a legal filing from high-profile attorney Alan Dershowitz reveal how Virginia Giuffre, one of the most public accusers and critics of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, received as much as $500,000 from the dead billionaire financier.

Dershowitz’s legal filing reveals how Giuffre received the massive payment, though the details of why the payment was made have not been revealed.

It comes as Dershowitz works to discredit claims made by Giuffre, including the suggestion that she was sex-trafficked by Epstein when she was under 18. Dershowitz said that the allegations are not true.

The filing comes from an April 2019 defamation case filed against Giuffre, and it contains a transcript of a 2019 telephone call between book publisher Tony Lyons and journalist Sharon Churcher. The 80-minute audio clip, which was recorded without Churcher knowing, reveals how Churcher knew that Giuffre was a “big spender.”

“She’s spent so much money, because you see, Epstein paid her off,” she said. “She had settled with Epstein. She’d taken half a million, I think it was.”

Churcher added that Giuffre was now able to break the non-disclosure agreement because of the First Amendment and that she can’t really settle with anyone any more.

In the clip, Churcher can also be heard explaining how she believed that Giuffre thought Dershowitz was just “another Harvard professor.”

“She never named Alan, I think she confused him with someone else,” she explains.

The call also outlined some of the disturbing details about Epstein’s preference for young, underage girls.

“He had two operations,” Churcher said about Epstein. “He was a very sick man in terms of…he loved these schoolgirls giving him erotic massages. Then he had this totally separate thing going where he was basically pimping out beautiful young women to very powerful men.”

The details of Epstein’s sordid affairs and illegal trafficking of young girls has long been rumored, but hit the news in 2019 when he was arrested for his crimes. Epstein then mysteriously died in prison, having reportedly hanged himself in his cell despite being on suicide watch.

In Dershowitz’s filing, he claims that Giuffre was 16, not 15, when she first met Epstein’s long-term confidante and partner Ghislaine Maxwell.

Charles Cooper, an attorney representing Giuffre, said that they are “looking forward to deposing Ms. Churcher under oath.”

Could this story be about to get even more interesting?