Dr. Sebastian Gorka Reveals How We Can Defeat Cancel Culture

(PatriotHeadline.com)- Cancel Culture has affected all walks of life, and Dr. Sebastian Gorka recently explained how he believes we should all fight against it.

Speaking on the Breitbart News Daily program on SiriusXM recently, Gorka, who served as a senior aide to former President Donald Trump, explained why he believed leftists are trying to shut down conservative voices. He said:

“We could write a book about this. I don’t kiss and tell, but you’ve been on this issue from the get go. I’ve been very honest about it publicly,” he said to the show’s host, Alex Marlow. “It’s the reason I left the White House, and it was Breitbart that published my resignation letter.

“I told the president at the time, you literally have anti-MAGA forces in ascendance. At the time, it was H.R. McMaster and it was General Kelly who were pushing me out of the building. And I told the president, ‘There is no way I am going to pick up a $160,000 paycheck from the taxpayers just to be boxed out of meetings by people who hate me and the president. I can better serve you on the outside.'”

After leaving his official White House post, Gorka started a radio show on Salem Radio Networks called America First. The national show now has more than 3 million listeners.

In commenting on Cancel Culture specifically, Gorka turned attention to the recent news that Disney was firing Gina Carano, a star actress from the show “The Mandalorian.” She was canned over some social media posts she published where she was commenting on her take on the state of society.

Gorka said tactics like those have also been used against other talented people who have conservative views. He said:

“Seriously, a woman who speaks the truth — absolutely speaks the truth about the left’s attempts to dehumanize their fellow Americans — is canceled by Disney? It’s the same effect of a lawyer wanting to work for Donald Trump. It is an attempt to attack and create an environment where good people will simply keep their heads down.”

Now that Trump is no longer in the White House, Gorka said many federal officials and media organizations are flipping the script and demonizing anyone who has conservative viewpoints. He explained:

“Look at what is happening right now in America. We have not just Jake Tapper on CNN using the phrase ‘MAGA terrorism,’ we have the Department of Homeland Security issuing their first terrorism warning memorandum after the election targeting those who disagreed with the results of the election or who questioned them.

“We have the new Secretary of Defense, an absolute disgrace to the uniform he once wore, Lloyd Austin, talking about the ‘enemies’ in the ranks of the military who shut down our military for 60 days while he review the level of extremist penetration into our ranks …

“This is the reality of American today, and if you don’t talk out about it — you don’t have to have a national radio show, you don’t need to be editor-in-chief of the most influential conservative website. But if you’re an American and you care about the freedoms upon which it was built and for which Americans died and bled, and you don’t say the truth, you are complicit and you are making the dehumanization of your fellow man all the more possible. That’s the crux of the matter.”