Dr. Fauci Was Reviewing COVID-19 Vaccine Back In 2019

(PatriotHeadline.com)- According to the Robertson Report, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the White House Coronavirus Task Force was reviewing the COVID-19 vaccine back in 2019, before the spread of the virus was officially declared a global pandemic.

The outlet, which claims to be the first to report on major events that led to the leak of the virus from the Wuhan Institute of Virology – a theory supported by US and Australian intelligence communities – said that Chinese Doctor Shi Zhengli was part of a team working on a coronavirus project with American doctors back in 2014 before the project was shut down by the Department of Homeland Security for posing too much of a risk.

It’s important to note that the term “coronavirus” refers to a specific kind of viruses, with COVID-19 being a distinct variation of the virus which was first discovered in late 2019.

The Robertson Report claims that after the project was shut down, Dr. Shi continued her work on the coronavirus in Wuhan, China. A 2015 article in Nature Medicine also revealed how Doctor Ralph S. Baric from North Carolina was part of the team. The report, which discussed the virus most commonly found in bats and how it had the potential to spread to humans, effectively predicted the 2020 pandemic.

Even after the work was brought to a halt in the United States, Chinese scientists continued the project at the Wuhan Virology Center, and reportedly successfully isolated the virus in a laboratory where they tested transmission between species.

And in a recently uncovered December 2019 agreement signed by Dr. Ralph S Baric of the University of North Carolina revealed that he would receive “mRJNA corona virus vaccine candidates developed and jointly owned by NIAID and Moderna.”

It means that a coronavirus vaccine has been in development for some time, and indicates that Dr. Anthony Fauci could have even been aware of the research that was taking place in China. The Robertson Report also suggests that Fauci may have been working with Moderna on coronavirus vaccines long before the COVID-19 pandemic occurred.

Not such a wild thought, given just how rapidly the vaccine was developed. It was the first time in history that a vaccine for a novel virus was developed, approved, and distributed within the space of a year.