Dozens of New Yorkers FINED for Enjoying Weekend Weather

(PatriotHeadline.Com)- Police said on Sunday that dozens of New Yorkers were fined for breaking social distancing rules and heading out to the parks and beaches to enjoy the sunny weekend weather.

According to NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea, 51 summonses were issued on Saturday, a vast majority of which were for social distancing violations. On Saturday, temperatures in the state reached 70 degrees Fahrenheit, giving New Yorkers a reason to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

New York City, the epicentre of the Chinese coronavirus outbreak in the United States, has been in lockdown since the middle of March. Residents are allowed to go outside to exercise once per day, as long as they stay two meters away from other people. New Yorkers are also required to wear a mask when in closer proximity to other people.

Fines in New York can reach $1,000 for breaking the rules, meaning many on Saturday who descended on Central Park and Rockaway Beach are likely to have been issued hefty fines.

43 people in New York parks were issued tickets, and eight others were issued tickets in other places.

The news comes as New York residents grow tired of the strict lockdown measures put in place by Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo. Of all the states in the country, New York has been hit the worst and lockdown measures have been widely seen as essential. More people are now pressuring the state government, however, to relax the rules while encouraging the use of masks to reduce the continued spread of the virus.

Governor Cuomo said that while he appreciated New Yorkers are getting tired of the rules, people should not find “false comfort” in the dropping number of COVID-19 patients across the state. Cuomo insisted that the coronavirus outbreak is not yet over and that people should continue wearing masks to reduce the spread and help avoid a second wave of the virus.

“How people cannot wear masks is disrespectful,” he said. “It’s disrespectful to the nurses, the doctors, the people who have been frontline workers, the transit workers. You wear the mask not for yourself – your wear the mask for me,” he said.

The use of masks helps reduce the spread of the virus by ensuring fewer aerosolized droplets from the mouth and nose escape into the air. As more people use masks, the air is cleaner and the virus has less of a chance to spread.

New York is seeing infection numbers drop as a result of the social distancing measures. On Sunday, Governor Cuomo reported a further 280 deaths caused by coronavirus, a drop of 9 from the day before.