DNC SNUBBED Tulsi Gabbard, Didn’t Invite Her to “Participate In Any Way”

(PatriotHeadline.com)- You remember Tulsi Gabbard, right? She’s the Congresswoman from Hawaii that stole the hearts of some Republicans and the remaining moderate liberals in the Democratic Party. She’s also the person who famously destroyed Senator Kamala Harris in the debates. Her takedown of the former California prosecutor was so brutal that Harris immediately started tanking in the polls and became irrelevant.

Until, of course, Joe Biden decided to nominate her as his running mate.

Here’s a reminder, in case you’d forgotten:

It gets better every time you watch it!

On Thursday, Gabbard revealed how the Democratic National Committee completely snubbed her during the planning of the Democratic National Convention and didn’t invite her to have any involvement whatsoever.

Responding to a Twitter user who asked her about the tradition of allowing all candidates who earn delegates to speak at the DNC, Gabbard said, “You’re correct – I was not invited to participate in any way.”

The fact that it is a tradition for candidates who earn delegates during the primary races to speak at the DNC makes this particularly interesting. It shows that this wasn’t just a scheduling conflict or that there was some other innocent, reasonable explanation. Instead, it is indicative of the DNC snubbing Gabbard completely. And we all know why.

If the DNC had allowed Gabbard to speak, they may have been scared of her saying something else to destroy Harris. If she can destroy Harris in the debates, you bet she can do it all over again. The other concern is likely the fact that the media would immediately start asking the party how two candidates who tore into each other so badly at the debates can now support one another.

They’re having a tough enough time trying to explain how Harris can support Biden after she implied that he was racist in the debates!

But, it doesn’t matter. Gabbard is back working with the Army Reserve and was headed out to help out an Alaska Native tribe with infrastructure problems during the DNC. Which sounds way more interesting.